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With the knowledge gained from the Little London primary culinary arts program, Montego Bay community college hospitality and tourism management courses and also working in my small bar and restaurant, I’ve learned the ins and outs of maximizing flavour in foods—food with the highest nutritional content—using simple organic ingredients.

In Jamaica, we are not big on measurements as we tend to eyeball everything. However, feel free to reach out to me with any queries about any of my recipes.

Welcome to Lola’s Grab a Bite—do enjoy and of course—get cooking today!

Limited Time Offer!

Place your order for freshly made patties* curried goat or oxtail entrees** before January 15 To receive 10% off your order, or a 7-inch fruit cake free. Visit our website for menu options.

*Minimum order of 3 dozen patties **Minimum order of 6 servings Offer valid on minimum orders only.

Lola’s Catering Service

We are pleased to offer our catering service for small parties and family dinners. Our delicious Jamaican style entrées and appetizers are sure to please your guests, friends and family members—for any occasion.

Book your next get-together well in advance to ensure our availability.