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About Us


First opened as a small restaurant and bar in Jamaica, January 13, 2017. Having a natural love for cooking, I have been involved in the culinary arts, since I was a child. I was a team leader and won many cooking competitions. Those early successes helped propel me into taking on food preparation as a full-time career. In high school, culinary interests were put on the back burner, as I focused my studies in the Arts, history,  etc… After high school, cooking once again found its way back into my heart, as I pursued an associate degree in Hospitality and Tourism Management at the Montego Bay community college.

Upon leaving college I got jobs that weren’t food-related, however, I was always cooking and posting my meals on the internet, until with encouragement and compliments from friends and family I decided to leave the 9-5 behind and went full time into foods.

I started out by renting a small place for 8 months until I was able to build another small place this time of my own where I attached a small bar and natural juice station. After operating for almost a year at the new location I ended up migrating to here in Ontario where I currently live.

I continued to cook and post my meals on social media while living here in Canada where the demand for my meals and recipes was tremendous, to the point where I began doing food deliveries on Saturdays and do catering for small parties and family dinners.

All these recipes are my millennial twist on all-time favorites which have been tried and tested countless times to ensure the best possible flavour are achieved. A fusion of flavours with inspirations from Jamaican the place of my birth, Canada where I now reside, and all the awesomeness of the world at large combined to form one powerhouse of awesome, healthy decadent meals.
With the knowledge I’ve gained from the little London primary culinary arts program, Montego bay community college hospitality and tourism management courses and also working in my small bar and restaurant, I’ve learned the ins and outs of maximizing flavour in foods, also the food with the highest nutritional content…..using simple and organic ingredients.

In Jamaica, we are not big on measurements as we tend to eyeball everything however feel free to reach out to me with any queries about any of my recipes.

Welcome to Lola’s Grab a Bite—do enjoy and of course—get cooking today!