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Lola\’s Free Recipes

Ackee and saltfishThe national dish of jamaica so delicious and so simple to make. Thanks to the advancement in technology as it relates to food service, the beloved ackee can now be eaten right during the year as ackees are now being canned. Native to West Africa and bought to Jamaica during the slave trades where it became the national fruit of our island.
All-Purpose MarinadeThe secret to great food is in the preparation, more so it is how you season your meat.
BBQ WingsThis game night favourite is sure to put a smile on their faces!
Best Ever Beef Burgers at HomeWhat's a recipe book without a popping homemade burger So delicious so flavourful and very very simple to make….how can you not Not to mention the compliments I've received for these burgers….some even questioning how I get such awesome flavour…well it's easy with simple recipes, do it on the grill in a cast-iron pot or even on a griddle so let us waste no more time….here we go My husband says it’s the best burger he has ever eaten…hmmh just being a supportive husband or he's being genuine well you try this recipe and be sure to let me know….
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